Green Digital Practices Guidebook

(2022) This guidebook provides a first overview of the approaches chosen by EAC members for empowering their customers with impact transparency and with options to make greener choices. It shares lessons learned in the process of developing digital solutions and engagement models to enable the adoption of carbon-light and nature-positive lifestyles.

Finance, Nature and Food Transitions: Consumers choosing sustainable food systems in Brazil

(2022) The report outlines both, transition pathways for policy makers toward more sustainable food systems and proven strategies for e-commerce providers to effectively support consumers in the transition towards healthier and more sustainable food choices.

The analysis and modelling approach are globally applicable.

Green Actions Catalogue

(2021) The Green Actions Catalogue captures the green topics that EAC members will tackle, and illustrates the agenda of the coalition and its members. These priorities will inform the course of action between 2021-2023, and will also feed into an upcoming experimentation stage. In this experimentation stage, selected EAC members will test how to translate climate change and nature loss linked to specific choices into meaningful and actionable information.